Seahawks Season In Reflection: The Highs, the Lows, And the 12th Man that Never Left

After a year filled with everything from utter disappointment to unbridled elation, the turbulent season of the Seattle Seahawks has finally come to an end.  Accompanied by 284 roster transactions and an unprecedented playoff appearance and subsequent win, the season carried enough emotion to shorten the lifespan of any true-blooded Hawks fan, and had far too many ups and downs to adequately explain in words. However, as a lifelong supporter of the Hawks, I write today urging Hawks’ fans alike to focus on the bigger picture. Take a moment to remove the sour taste Sunday’s loss left in your mouth, pat yourselves on the back, take a deep breath, and recognize the window of opportunity that awaits our beloved Hawks.

It’s undeniable that after the nauseating 2008 and 2009 seasons we all shared common goals and aspirations for our boys in blue: a return to normalcy or, at the very least, mediocrity. While it’s debatable whether these desires actually came to fruition, two things are certain. First, this team made football in Seattle relevant once again and in turn, re-created a culture of winning and brought about a restoration of expected success in the Emerald City. And second, while these intangible necessities may not come with any glamour or glitz, they are essential to the franchise, and most importantly, could not have been attained without the unwavering fan base of the Seahawks – the steadfast support of the 12th man. Continue reading


Sport Stop Top: Why I Love The 2010-11 Seahawks

Making lists is great fun. It allows people to make bold, certifiably insane statements that people don’t pick on you for because that statement was made through a list, and lists are awesome. For example, if I told you I was in love with Elisabeth Hasselbeck, you would all be sending me hateful comments and emails, so I won’t. But if I made a list of the most desirable women and presented it as so…

  1. Elisabeth Hasselbeck
  2. Brooklyn Decker
  3. Rihanna
  4. Erin Andrews
  5. The girl from #701 in my freshman dorm

…I would probably get away with it, because everyone appreciates a good list.

So every once in a while, I’ll make up some lists to post to the site, to give readers a change of pace from the usual articles. And what better way to kick off the new Sport Stop Top by making a list on why we love this years edition of the Seahawks.

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I Wish Every Weekend Were Like This

Cort Dennison celebrates after breaking up Oregon States two point conversion attempt in the second overtime of UW's 35-34 victory

The Seahawks smoked Da Bears in Chicago (the first road win out of the division for the Hawks since 2007!) and the Huskies came out victorious in a double overtime thriller and , to make for the best Seattle sports weekend in months. Oh yeah, and the Mariners hired Eric Wedge, but who really cares about that right now? Two wins in a weekend, gotta love it!

The  Seahawks, now 3-2 and tied for the division lead, come home this weekend to face the Arizona Cardinals (3-2), winner stands alone atop the NFC West. The Huskies move to 3-3 and 2-1 in the Pac-10, just three wins away from bowl eligibility.

This week Arizona’s pro football team comes to Seattle, and Seattle’s college football team goes to Arizona. I think it’s a pretty easy choice as to which of our nations 50 states is our least favorite this week.

What a great weekend, let’s hope there’s to more to follow. Let’s Go Hawks! Let’s Go Huskies! And lets make next weekend as savory as this one.

Beast Mode, Sweeping Seattle by Storm

It’s all anyone’s talking about, look on twitter, look on facebook, Beast Mode is the new fad sweeping Seattle and I love it. Marshawn Lynch has provided me some with hours of entertainment for years now,  both on the field and off.  The stat-line wasn’t all that impressive on paper (44 yards on 17 carries, 2.6 ypc), but if you watched the game you know Marshawn Lynch channeled Beast Mode and provided the Seahawks with a running attack that the Bears had to respect.

Multiple times Lynch found himself yards behind the line of scrimmage, and staring down multiple Bears defenders, only to shed the tackles and get back to the original line, giving Hasselbeck manageable third-downs. He’d beat up defenders and then give way to his good friend Justin Forsett to gash ’em up. I’m thinking the nickname for the new Seattle backfield could be Smash and Dash, it’s got a nice ring to it.

Lynch’s move to Seattle seems to have rejuvenated him. He is reunited with good friend and former college teammate,  Justin Forsett, he is back on the West Coast, which if you’ve ever heard him talk about, you know he loves, and he is still only 24 years old. Way to bring Beast Mode to Seattle, Marshawn; and now, it’s PLAYTIME!!! If you don’t know about playtime, that is Marshawn Lynch’s other signature phrase. A ten minute youtube video dedicated to that phrase may be the single greatest form of entertainment this world as ever seen. Enjoy!