King Felix Claims His Throne

We posted this article last week about Felix Hernandez’s chance at the Cy Young award. He blew the competition away. Sabathia and Price didn’t stand a chance.

We here at Seattle Sport Stop just wanted to say, Thanks Felix!

Watching you pitch is an utter delight, and here’s to hoping we are watching you in a Mariners jersey for years to come.

Congratulations to the King, he has finally claimed his seat atop the throne, and I don’t think he will be relinquishing it anytime soon.


In Memory of Dave Niehaus

When Dave Niehaus passed away last Wednesday, so too did a large part of the Seattle Mariners.

Dave Niehaus was the Seattle Mariners, and it’s hard to imagine what the organization will be like going forward.

As long as I have lived the Seattle Mariners have been there, and Dave Niehaus has been there. He was so great because of his passion for the team. He was the ultimate Mariners fan, nobody loved that team more than Dave Niehaus did, and it was evident in every game.

I loved this man. I have been pondering over ways to put my emotions in to words, and it’s as simple as that, I love him.

The idea of Dave Niehaus no longer being with us never once entered my mind. There was the question of when he was going to retire? When would he step away from the game? But never, when would he be gone forever? We didn’t want to think about that scenario. We couldn’t imagine a life without him. As long as any of us have been Mariners fans, players and coaches come and go, the faces changed often. One face, Dave Niehaus, was always there.

He was the Seattle Mariners to me, and to many others, and we love him.

Time To Care About The Mariners Again

After the hiring of Eric Wedge, I was content with putting the Mariners on hold until the winter meetings in December. How foolish of me, what the hell was I thinking?

Today’s announcement of Gold Glove winners (congrats to Ichiro on his 10th straight and Gutierrez on his 1st) reminded me I was forgetting something huge, The Cy Young Award!

I know, I’m an idiot, I don’t know how it slipped my mind, but somehow it did.

Maybe it’s because Major League Baseball takes nearly two months after the regular season ends to announce the winners of these awards. Like seriously, what the hell?

Anyway, it may differ for all of us, but at some point this summer I’m sure we all checked out on the Mariners disappointing season. Maybe it was after the first month, maybe it was after the All-Star Break. Then they traded Cliff Lee and we got interested again, to see what kind of a player Justin Smoak was, which lasted two days before we went back to completely ignoring the team. That is, except for every fifth day when, if not for Albert Pujols, we would get to watch the best player in Major League Baseball pitch.

Felix was no king this year, he was a god. Think Kratos, God of War, that’s about the best way to describe it.

In his last ten starts of the season he gave up 8 ER (4 of those in one outing). He had 12 no decisions or losses in which he allowed 2 ER or less. If this guy had been pitching for almost any other team in the AL he’d have flirted with 20 wins.

The Cy Young Award Winner is clearly defined as, “the best pitchers in Major League Baseball (MLB), one each for the American League (AL) and National League (NL)”. Nowhere does it say anything about being the most valuable pitcher to his team, as does the MVP award, it simply is given to the best player. If voters interpret the award this way, how could Felix possibly lose out on the award?

The 6 moth long MLB season, the 162 game suffering the Mariners experienced, the months of meaningless games Mariners fans endured, can still provide the fans with one positive from the season, a Felix Hernandez Cy Young Award. That is all this season can amount to.

After months of not giving two sh*ts about the M’s, it’s finally time to care again people. This is the best it’s going to get.

It’s an individual award that means nothing to the success of the team, but it’s damn important.

There is one good thing that can come out of this season, and no one deserves it more than Felix.

Did You Hear? The Mariners Hired Eric Wedge

Yeah we all know the Mariners hired some dude with an awesome mustache named Eric Wedge. Wedge is a no BS kind of a guy. He gets straight to the point and is all about business. If you don’t perform or you don’t pay attention to detail, your not an Eric Wedge-type player (bye-bye Milton Bradley). He managed the Cleveland Indians for seven years, from 2002-2009, taking them to the playoffs in 2005 and 2007. Wedge also becomes the seventh man to manage the Mariners in the last eight years.

The question is do we really care? To be honest, I’m not really sure that I do. I love the Mariners, I have no problem with Eric Wedge, but I am sick and tired of getting excited about moves we make off the field, only to be an embarrassment on the field. Do we really attribute our teams failures and success’ to our managers. A year ago we thought Don Wakamatsu was the greatest manager since Lou Pinella, then he got fired 9 months later.  Managers in baseball don’t matter as much as you would think. I’m not going to get excited about some hire in October until I see some results in an actual season.

I’m sick of hearing words from the Mariners front office, promises of building a better team, telling us things will turn around. I want to SEE things turn around, I want to see it in the AL West standings and out there on the field, not a bunch of empty promises that don’t get backed up.

Eric Wedge possesses qualities that could help this team become better. He wears his passions on his sleeve, and he’s loyal as can be to his players. For how bad the team was last year under Wakamatsu, it makes sense to hire a person that is on the opposite spectrum, as Wedge is. But really, when it boils down to it, will the players be able to perform at a high level under Wedge? I don’t know, and until that happens, this hire is just another way of the Mariners TELLING us they will be better. It’s time to SHOW us!

* Here’s a link to an interview Wedge did with KJR this morning. Scroll down a little ways to find it.