It’s Finally That Time Of The Year

I’ve been waiting for this. Since last years loss to West Virginia, I’ve been waiting. Since the He-Who-Must-Not-Be-Named committed, I have waited, and since he decommitted,  I have angrily waited. Tony Wroten’s announcement quelled that anger. And now the season is finally starting.

In a little over 48 hours, Washington kicks off it’s season with an exhibition game against Saint Mary’s, and I can’t contain myself.

For the last five years or so, the Washington Men’s Basketball program has been the lone bright spot for me, in a Seattle sports scene that is struggling to say the least.

The Mariners haven’t been worth a damn since 2001, neither has the Husky Football team. Our NBA basketball team was robbed from us by the f*ckin devil himself. The Seahawks gave me some great moments in the mid 2000’s, but I just didn’t seem to form a connection with the Matt Hasselbeck’s, Darrel Jackson’s, and Marcus Trufant’s of the world like I did the Brandon Roy’s, Will Conroy’s, Bobby Jones’, Nate Robinson’s, and Jon Brockman’s.

Something about Husky Basketball just gets me. It used to be Husky Football that really got me going, understandably the last decade has made me gravitate more to Husky Hoops. It’s Hec Ed, it’s the Dawg Pack, it’s the roster loaded with local talent, it’s coach Romar, it’s everything about the program that gets me.

It was the 2003-2004 Husky team that really got me hooked, and then the next year, we all remember, was the magical #1 seed year.

I’m not going to say this team could be a #1 seed, that might be a tad far fetched, but this years team has a chance to be special. The similarities between them and the 04-05 team are scary. Check out Percy Allen’s blog on the Seattle Times, he compares the entire roster from both teams, it’s pretty astonishing.

That Huskies team of 04-05 went to the Great Alaska Shootout and beat 3 top-25 caliber teams to put them on the map. This years Huskies goes down to the Maui Invitational and has the chance to do the same thing.

We’re going to know, early on, what kind of team this is, and I can’t wait. Go Dawgs!


Benching Jake Locker Is The Only Way To Salvage This Season

It’s obvious Jake Locker has not been right the last few weeks. And as goes Jake Locker, so goes the Huskies.

Rumors about broken ribs surfaced before the Arizona game, the team says it didn’t happen until the Stanford game. Who knows what the facts are when it comes to Jake’s injury, what we do know for a fact is the only chance the Huskies have at making a bowl game is with Jake Locker on the bench…

Whoa, hey you didn’t let me finish, I was gonna end that sentence with “for the Oregon game.”

Even with Jake Locker, the Huskies have no chance to beat Oregon in Eugene on Saturday. Jake is obviously hurting, and every game he plays prevents him from getting healthy. Sark is making his best coaching decision of the season this week, by going with Keith Price.

By sitting Jake this weekend, the result of the game on Saturday will be the same, and it improves our chances in future games. Jake will get 18 days of rest between now and the next time he would have to step on the field.

Even with a healthy Jake, a postseason birth for this years team is a stretch. But with nearly three weeks of rest, and a fresh set of legs, I wouldn’t put anything out of reach. We’ve all seen what a healthy Jake Locker can do.

Winning our last three isn’t beyond the realm of possibility, and benching Jake this week gives us the best chance to do so.


I Wanna Sext You Up

You’re telling me you wouldn’t jump on a chance to sext the lovely Jenn Sterger? That’s what I thought.

Sexting, it’s everyone’s new favorite word, the fad is sweeping the nation. And we have Brett Favre to thank for it. This Favre/Jenn Sterger thing has been made into far too big of a deal. The only reason people care is because the three things that people love most in the world, are all wrapped into one; football, sex, and big breasted women.

Everyone needs to stop treating sexting as the worst thing in the world and just roll with it. There are bigger fish to fry out there. Sexting is here to stay, people are going to send nude pictures of themselves to others, live with it.

Look at it this way, if you opened a text message, and staring back at you was an attractive member of the opposite sex with nothing on, would you be upset? My point exactly.

Okay, so what Brett Favre did was definitely creepy, gross, juvenile, and a little funny, but it’s being made out to be a bigger thing than it really is.

Jenn Sterger is not a PR person, or a reporter, or whatever her title was with the Jets, she is a sex object. And there’s nothing wrong with that, in fact kudos to her for being able to get to where she is. It’s no crime to use what you got to your advantage.

What are NFL teams thinking, hiring gorgeous women, who are known for selling sex, to work in an environment with 50+ testosterone filled athletes? If she’s not there for the players to gawk over and hit on, then why put her in a position where you know that is going to happen?

Bottom line is, the Jets hired Sterger because she was a sex object, and then we blame Favre because he treated her like one. I’m not condoning sexual harassment by any means, but can’t you see where Favre might have been a little thrown.

Huskies Continue To Dissapoint

In a season that was supposed to be special, a season we thought would be different, a season that would usher in a return to prominence for a Husky program that had fallen so far, the Huskies have failed to deliver.

After a thrilling 35-34 double-overtime win against Oregon State last weekend, all of us expected this team to show us something this weekend in Arizona. What they showed us was a team that has no intention of being competitive week in and week out in the Pac-10.

Arizona was without their starting QB, forced to start their back-up, who couldn’t figure out WSU’s last place defense last Saturday. It was the kind of break the Huskies needed to take this team to a place they haven’t been in years. A win in the desert and the Huskies could have moved to 3-1 in Pac-10 play for the first time since 2001. They would have been only two wins away from the bowl appearance they covet so much.

However, in what has become typical UW fashion, the Dawgs squandered any fortune the college football bestowed upon them, and failed to even compete in a game that meant so much to their season. Continue reading

Did You Hear? The Mariners Hired Eric Wedge

Yeah we all know the Mariners hired some dude with an awesome mustache named Eric Wedge. Wedge is a no BS kind of a guy. He gets straight to the point and is all about business. If you don’t perform or you don’t pay attention to detail, your not an Eric Wedge-type player (bye-bye Milton Bradley). He managed the Cleveland Indians for seven years, from 2002-2009, taking them to the playoffs in 2005 and 2007. Wedge also becomes the seventh man to manage the Mariners in the last eight years.

The question is do we really care? To be honest, I’m not really sure that I do. I love the Mariners, I have no problem with Eric Wedge, but I am sick and tired of getting excited about moves we make off the field, only to be an embarrassment on the field. Do we really attribute our teams failures and success’ to our managers. A year ago we thought Don Wakamatsu was the greatest manager since Lou Pinella, then he got fired 9 months later.  Managers in baseball don’t matter as much as you would think. I’m not going to get excited about some hire in October until I see some results in an actual season.

I’m sick of hearing words from the Mariners front office, promises of building a better team, telling us things will turn around. I want to SEE things turn around, I want to see it in the AL West standings and out there on the field, not a bunch of empty promises that don’t get backed up.

Eric Wedge possesses qualities that could help this team become better. He wears his passions on his sleeve, and he’s loyal as can be to his players. For how bad the team was last year under Wakamatsu, it makes sense to hire a person that is on the opposite spectrum, as Wedge is. But really, when it boils down to it, will the players be able to perform at a high level under Wedge? I don’t know, and until that happens, this hire is just another way of the Mariners TELLING us they will be better. It’s time to SHOW us!

* Here’s a link to an interview Wedge did with KJR this morning. Scroll down a little ways to find it.

A Day With The Great One

I thought I’d write about some of my most memorable experiences with sports when we have down time like this. Let me know what you think of this idea, and whether you think it’s something you might enjoy on a regular basis.

This is rather long so I added a link after the second paragraph to continue to the full article.

It was January of 2005, and the second semester of my Freshman year of college was about to begin. The last weekend of winter break, I met my father in Scottsdale, Arizona for a weekend of golfing. I love golf and as you’ll soon find out, a number of stories I am going to tell on this site, begin on the golf course. Around this time my father had recently begun spending a lot of time in Arizona, golfing and enjoying the year long sunshine. He played most of his rounds at an all-male golf club in North Scottsdale, and every few months I would get to join him for a few rounds.

I loved it because it seemed as though a lot of athletes liked to spend their time at this course, and on my previous visits I had always gotten chances to see some famous faces, or at least I considered them famous. One time I walked into the dining room to see Vinny Del Negro, former NBA player and current Clippers coach, sitting down to a bowl of oatmeal; I had hit balls on the driving range a few stalls away from Brian Roberts, the Orioles second-baseman; I had even seen John Elway practicing his bunker play at the practice green; but none of these hold a candle to what happened that January morning. Continue reading

I Wish Every Weekend Were Like This

Cort Dennison celebrates after breaking up Oregon States two point conversion attempt in the second overtime of UW's 35-34 victory

The Seahawks smoked Da Bears in Chicago (the first road win out of the division for the Hawks since 2007!) and the Huskies came out victorious in a double overtime thriller and , to make for the best Seattle sports weekend in months. Oh yeah, and the Mariners hired Eric Wedge, but who really cares about that right now? Two wins in a weekend, gotta love it!

The  Seahawks, now 3-2 and tied for the division lead, come home this weekend to face the Arizona Cardinals (3-2), winner stands alone atop the NFC West. The Huskies move to 3-3 and 2-1 in the Pac-10, just three wins away from bowl eligibility.

This week Arizona’s pro football team comes to Seattle, and Seattle’s college football team goes to Arizona. I think it’s a pretty easy choice as to which of our nations 50 states is our least favorite this week.

What a great weekend, let’s hope there’s to more to follow. Let’s Go Hawks! Let’s Go Huskies! And lets make next weekend as savory as this one.