When High School Hoops Goes Wrong

If you haven’t already seen it, check out this Florida high school basketball player attacking a ref after he gets called for a technical.

I’m guessing this kid has played his last high school game.

A few things I took notice to in this video. Watch the video again and look at the short ref (for the rest of the post he will e referred to as “midget ref”). What the hell man, he didn’t have his boys back at all. The kid pushes the ref the first time, the midget ref doesn’t do anything. Then the kid tackles the ref, and again the midget ref does nothing. This guy should be suspended from the league for cowardice.

Also, look at the little white kid at the end of the video, with his hands on his head. This kid is absolutely terrified. As coaches escort the perpetrator off the court, the white kid throws his hands up and runs away.

One thing we can take away from this is that whoever the kid that tackled the ref is, he’s one scary mofo.


Videos of the Week – 12/6

Could any videos be more fitting after what has transpired in the last few weeks? I think not.

Thoughts on the 2008 Apple Cup, From an Unlikely Source

It’s Time To Black Out

Let’s get real for a second. It’s Husky game day, and I don’t usually write a preview for games. I like to spend my Saturday’s enjoying my time with friends, drinking adult beverages, and painfully sitting through the game.

I’m not going to write a preview for this game either. We all know everything there is to know about the game tonight, so there’s no point in repeating it here.

The season, to this point, has been a disappointment to say the least. Something we’d like to forget, right? So what does Washington do? They come up with the idea for a black out night. And I’m not buying that they’re only talking about the jerseys.

It’s actually a brilliant strategy. Everyone will be so wasted that if, in Jake Locker’s last game in Husky Stadium, the team flops and so does his career, nobody will remember. And if we win, everyone will be so jacked u on vodka redbull’s that we’ll throw the most bitchin’ party this place has ever seen, and still, nobody will remember.

My advice to you, fully embrace the black out at Husky Stadium tonight, I know I will. So go out, pick up your favorite beverage (no FourLocos you guys) and enjoy this night that comes to Husky Stadium for one night only.

It’s time to black out (This time I mean your outfit, wink)

Video of the Week – 11/1

This week marks the beginning of the Husky Basketball season. They open with an exhibition game against Saint Martins, Saturday at 5pm. To get us ready for the season I present to you the Husky Hoops version of One Shining Moment. Enjoy!

Meet the Madden Expert

I thought I had played a lot of Madden in my day, but my knowledge of the game is nothing compared to our friend here. I would love to play this guy online, this is honestly one of the funniest things I have ever heard in my life, tell me you couldn’t listen to this guy break down Madden plays all day. Determination, motivation….Ryan Grant.

I Wanna Sext You Up

You’re telling me you wouldn’t jump on a chance to sext the lovely Jenn Sterger? That’s what I thought.

Sexting, it’s everyone’s new favorite word, the fad is sweeping the nation. And we have Brett Favre to thank for it. This Favre/Jenn Sterger thing has been made into far too big of a deal. The only reason people care is because the three things that people love most in the world, are all wrapped into one; football, sex, and big breasted women.

Everyone needs to stop treating sexting as the worst thing in the world and just roll with it. There are bigger fish to fry out there. Sexting is here to stay, people are going to send nude pictures of themselves to others, live with it.

Look at it this way, if you opened a text message, and staring back at you was an attractive member of the opposite sex with nothing on, would you be upset? My point exactly.

Okay, so what Brett Favre did was definitely creepy, gross, juvenile, and a little funny, but it’s being made out to be a bigger thing than it really is.

Jenn Sterger is not a PR person, or a reporter, or whatever her title was with the Jets, she is a sex object. And there’s nothing wrong with that, in fact kudos to her for being able to get to where she is. It’s no crime to use what you got to your advantage.

What are NFL teams thinking, hiring gorgeous women, who are known for selling sex, to work in an environment with 50+ testosterone filled athletes? If she’s not there for the players to gawk over and hit on, then why put her in a position where you know that is going to happen?

Bottom line is, the Jets hired Sterger because she was a sex object, and then we blame Favre because he treated her like one. I’m not condoning sexual harassment by any means, but can’t you see where Favre might have been a little thrown.