It’s Finally That Time Of The Year

I’ve been waiting for this. Since last years loss to West Virginia, I’ve been waiting. Since the He-Who-Must-Not-Be-Named committed, I have waited, and since he decommitted,  I have angrily waited. Tony Wroten’s announcement quelled that anger. And now the season is finally starting.

In a little over 48 hours, Washington kicks off it’s season with an exhibition game against Saint Mary’s, and I can’t contain myself.

For the last five years or so, the Washington Men’s Basketball program has been the lone bright spot for me, in a Seattle sports scene that is struggling to say the least.

The Mariners haven’t been worth a damn since 2001, neither has the Husky Football team. Our NBA basketball team was robbed from us by the f*ckin devil himself. The Seahawks gave me some great moments in the mid 2000’s, but I just didn’t seem to form a connection with the Matt Hasselbeck’s, Darrel Jackson’s, and Marcus Trufant’s of the world like I did the Brandon Roy’s, Will Conroy’s, Bobby Jones’, Nate Robinson’s, and Jon Brockman’s.

Something about Husky Basketball just gets me. It used to be Husky Football that really got me going, understandably the last decade has made me gravitate more to Husky Hoops. It’s Hec Ed, it’s the Dawg Pack, it’s the roster loaded with local talent, it’s coach Romar, it’s everything about the program that gets me.

It was the 2003-2004 Husky team that really got me hooked, and then the next year, we all remember, was the magical #1 seed year.

I’m not going to say this team could be a #1 seed, that might be a tad far fetched, but this years team has a chance to be special. The similarities between them and the 04-05 team are scary. Check out Percy Allen’s blog on the Seattle Times, he compares the entire roster from both teams, it’s pretty astonishing.

That Huskies team of 04-05 went to the Great Alaska Shootout and beat 3 top-25 caliber teams to put them on the map. This years Huskies goes down to the Maui Invitational and has the chance to do the same thing.

We’re going to know, early on, what kind of team this is, and I can’t wait. Go Dawgs!


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